When to Collect Feedback from Your Customers

Customer feedback is essential in every business. By choosing the right time to request feedback, you will boost survey participation rates and make the collected data more meaningful.

Refine your VOC survey timing

Voice of the Customer (VOC) surveys play a critical role in business-customer engagement.

They should be gathered as soon as possible after the customer has interacted with your business. This encourages prompt, honest feedback which is relevant to the service they have just received.

So how frequently should surveys be offered and when is the optimal time to present them?

Little and often

Short, sharp and frequent surveys are recommended for optimal response. Done well, they will build their own momentum over time. Customer expectations of the survey are set by their previous experiences with your VOC surveys. The better your surveys get; the more participation you are likely to see.

Up to three metric-based questions and one or two open-ended questions are all that’s required. Keep them brief, easy to understand and relevant to your target areas. This will ensure you achieve deep insights.

When to Collect Feedback from Your Customers / CentraCX

Strike while the iron’s hot

Feedback should always be collected as close to the trigger event as possible. Every minute counts. According to best practice, the survey should be:

  • An integral part of your business’s standard operational process.
  • Incorporated in to the interaction itself as much as possible.
  • Presented on the same channel as the original interaction.

When the customer sees feedback as part of their normal interaction with your business, they are far more likely to give it. This method is proven to increase participation rates. Think of short IVR surveys at the close of a call, or web surveys following a webchat. The customer can give quick, easy responses, then move on.

Get the timing right

Survey timing should be centred on:

Interaction: Prompt the customer to give feedback each and every time they interact with your business.

Episode or Journey: Provide surveys on completion of the interaction point or journey.

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When to Collect Feedback from Your Customers / CentraCX