What is
Voice of the

Voice of the Customer is a process that enables continual improvement through customer feedback. At the start of the VOC process are customer surveys and, for this reason, it is often simplified and confused with surveys undertaken for research or ad-hoc purposes.

CentraCX VOC is comprehensive, SaaS based Voice of the Customer platform that helps businesses Collect, Understand and drive Action from Customer Feedback.

CentraCX VOC’s unique Tribal Analytics process builds on VOC technology and creates a platform that delivers an to end-to-end system for continual improvement.


Organisations implement VOC for a variety of reasons, however, most businesses focus on a combination of the four key purposes:

Employee Engagement focusses on using customer feedback to identify improvement opportunities with individual employees or teams.

Process & Product Improvement identifies and prioritises issues within the broader organisation based on customer perspectives and feedback.

Business Reporting enables management to establish and monitor metrics and KPIs that measure customer experience and sentiment.

Complaint Management & Compliance enables organisation to identify and resolve issues for dissatisfied customers before that complaint becomes repetitional or compliance risk.

Employee Engagement

Process & Product Improvement

Business Reporting

Complaint Management & Compliance


Episode or Journey


VOC surveys are part of standard operational processes through which the business engages with its customers.

Whenever a customer interacts with the business or completes a significant episode or journey they are asked to briefly reflect on their experience.


Every customer is presented with the opportunity to provide feedback through a survey with each and every interaction. The greatest VOC survey participation rates are achieved by ensuring that the survey is part of the standard operational process and presented as part of the original interaction. This is achieved by presenting the survey on the same channel as the initial interaciton.

VOC surveys are typically brief, consisting of no more than 3 or 4 questions. A combination of qualitative metrics and quantitive open feedback provides the greatest opportunity for achieving deep insights.



Process Driven

Same Channel