VOC Platforms Give Employees a Voice Too

Frontline staff are exposed to customers in every kind of mood – happy, frustrated or just plain angry. As such, staff are often get blamed for every business failing, whether it’s their fault or not.

Many organisations worry that feedback from VOC platforms will have a negative impact on these frontline workers. They fear employees will become disengaged, or feel their performance is being unfairly scrutinised.

Yet VOC feedback is the employee’s best friend. Implementing the right VOC platform can give frontline employees a genuine voice within the organisation.

The motivating force of positive feedback

Structuring your survey questions correctly means you can differentiate feedback about your frontline employees from feedback about your products and services, processes and brand.

Across our customers around 98% of customer feedback comes back overwhelmingly positive about the frontline team member, boosting employee confidence and engagement.

Everyone loves being told they are doing a great job, so why hide this powerful source of motivation?

VOC Platforms Give Employees a Voice Too / CentraCX

Negative feedback promotes real change

The remaining 2% of feedback contains valuable pointers to help frontline employees and their managers identify opportunities for improved employee performance.

Whilst in some cases this feedback can be confronting, when you give employees a chance to respond to this negative feedback, it defuses any tension. Tribal Analytics enables your employees to enter into meaningful discussion with their managers on specific customer feedback. This gives employees an opportunity to voice their opinion about the interaction or situation in question – and know it is being heard.

Feedback amplifies the employee voice on the wider business

Customer feedback is, essentially, the ‘source of truth’ in every organisation. It’s the true marker of the success or failure of your product or services in the marketplace.

It is also the catalyst for employees to express their real grievances and concerns. After all, customers and frontline employees are often dissatisfied about the same things – product issues, cumbersome processes and website glitches to name just a few.

Tribal Analytics enables frontline teams to leverage customer feedback with non-customer facing parts of the organisation. This exposes the issues underlying customer feedback and enables the business costs to be quantified. It also means frontline staff get the support they need to do their job more productively – and managers can provide solutions for the entrenched problems that come to light.

When you actively engage frontline employees with customer feedback you build recognition of the need for change. As the change is introduced the frontline teams champion the improvements knowing that they are critical for customers and themselves.

Explore how CentraCX Tribal Analytics can help you collect, understand and action customer feedback to support your employees and boost business growth.

VOC Platforms Give Employees a Voice Too / CentraCX