Voice of the Customer
Premise Platforms


With Centra CX VOC for Premise Platforms you can add seamlessly integrated post-call IVR surveys to your premise based contact centre platform as well as collect customer feedback from email, web-chat, SMS and online channels.​

  • Automatically trigger Post intraction IVR, Email, Webchat or SMS Surveys
  • Decide which survey to trigger based on customer or attached data
  • Associate surveys with agents, teams, business units and divisions.
  • Link Survey Results to call recordings and contact centre reports

CentraCX VOC for Premise Platforms provides flexible integration options that makes it easy for IT and seamless for your contact centre.

API Integration

API based integration provides the best experience for premise based contact centers. It is supported by most modern contact center platforms including Cisco, Mitel, Avaya, Asterisks and many others.

Centra CX VOC post interaction surveys are triggered by a script on agent disconnect that is loaded within your premise based platform. The script securely invokes the CentraCX VOC Trigger API and passes selected attached metadata. In the case of IVR Surveys the caller is then transferred to the Centra PSTN or SIP phone number that is returned by the CentraCX VOC trigger API.

CallerID & SIP Header Integration

For premise based platforms that do not support scripting or script execution on disconnect the Caller ID or SIP Header mechanism provides an easy and effective integration capability.

​At the conclusion of the customer call the agent performs a blind transfer to the nominated CentraCX PSTN number or SIP URL. In the instance of PSTN transfers the CallerID / ANI is compared against a mapping for each agent and the correct survey to be tirgerred and the associated agent are identified.

For SIP based transfers the SIP FROM field is utilised and optionally the identifier for the survey can be included with a custom SIP header field.

PIN Integration

PIN based integration does not rely only inherent capabilities within the premise based contact centre platform and as a result can be used with any platform.

In this situation the agent places the customer on hold near the conclusion of their interaction and utilises a ‘speed dial’ to initiate a ‘two step transfer’ to the Centra CX VOC survey. The agent is asked to enter a PIN that is assigned uniquely to them. The agent then completes the transfers allowing the customer to complete the survey whilst the agent is ready for their next call