Voice of the Customer
Genesys Engage


With Centra CX VOC for Genesys Engage you can add seamlessly integrated post-call IVR surveys to your Engage powered contact centre as well as collect customer feedback from email, web-chat, SMS and online channels.

Centra CX VOC for Genesys Engage brings the advanced capabilities such as machine learning and natural language recognition to customer feedback and combines this with the proven enterprise capabilities of Engage.

  • Automatically trigger Post intraction IVR, Email, Webchat or SMS Surveys
  • Decide which survey to trigger based on customer or attached data
  • Bring survey metrics in to the Genesys Infomart univererse

CentraCX for Genesys Engage maximises your Genesys investment and works seamlessly with all Genesys Engage platforms including premise , Genesys Cloud and partner cloud deployments.


Centra CX VOC for Genesys Engage leverages your existing Genesys investments and embeds post call survey in in to your contact centre processes.

Centra CX VOC post interaction surveys are triggered by a routing strategy that is loaded within your Genesys Engage environment. The routing strategy securely invokes the CentraCX VOC Trigger API and passes selected attached metadata. In the case of IVR Surveys the caller is then transferred to the Centra PSTN or SIP phone number that is returned by the CentraCX VOC trigger API.

At the conclusion of the survey the metric results can be passed back on to the Genesys environment for inclusion in the info mart.