VoC for Genesys Cloud

CentraCX is a powerful voice-of-the-customer platform that allows you to collect, understand and action customer feedback. Combining CentraCX and Genesys Cloud supercharges your feedback program with seamless collection of customer feedback on every interaction channel together with machine learning driven agent engagement, all through a single agent interface.

Why CentraCX for Genesys Cloud


Simple and fast setup. Install directly from Genesys AppFoundry and start using immediately


Native integration with Genesys Cloud for seamless agent experiences and richer customer data


Seamlessly trigger surveys from any Genesys Cloud interaction channels, agent simply ends interaction


Simple, cost-effective pricing model with no commitments, minimums or terms.

What is CentraCX?

CentraCX is a voice-of-the-customer SaaS based survey platform that enables real business improvements. Make the customer the centre of your business by collecting, understanding, and actioning their feedback at any point of their journey via any channel you want.

One platform. Multi-channel.

  • Survey customers via any channel – Voice, Email, Web, SMS and API
  • Seamlessly trigger surveys at any time
  • Create your own metrics
  • Capture feedback both in digital and voice channels

ML Driven Analytics.

  • Agent and team specific feedback
  • Meta data driven analytics
  • Speech to Text transcription analysis

Real-time Contextual Data at your fingertips.

  • Customisable interactive dashboards with individual, team and organisation metrics
  • Real-time and ML data for frontline staff, team leaders and managers
  • Drive action immediately.

CentraCX solutions for Genesys Cloud

CentraCX’s simple pricing provides a low entry point with a monthly cap for cost control.

   Capability Survey  Voice of the Customer
Collect Channels Voice, Email, SMS, Webchat Voice, Email, SMS, Webchat, Web, API
Maximum questions per survey 5 Unlimited
Maximum active surveys 2 Unlimited
Prebuilt Contact Centre Integrations
Prebuilt Best Practice VOC Surveys
Custom Integrations (Trigger API)  
Understand Voice to Text Transcription
N-Tier Organisation Hierarchy  
Realtime Dashboards
Machine Learning - Voice Transcription
Machine Learning - Reason for Dissatisfaction  
Action Real time frontline feed  
Whole of Business Collaboration  
Service Recovery Business Process  
Survey Lifecycle Action Engine  
Custom Integrations (Action API)  

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