Voice of the Customer
Digital Platforms


With Centra CX VOC for Digital Platforms you can add seamlessly integrated surveys to your websites, online digital properties and native mobiles applications.

  • Survey authenticated and anonymous customers visiting your websites
  • Integrate in to customer facing portals and publicly accessible online sites
  • Trigger web survey popups or outbound SMS & Email surveys
  • Decide which survey to trigger based on customer data or web behaviour
  • Associate surveys with products, agents, teams, business units and divisions.

CentraCX VOC for digital Platforms provides flexible integration options that makes it easy for IT and seamless for business operations.


CentraCX VOC surveys are integrated in to websites through the inclusion of simple javascript. The CentraCX Survey Builder dynamically creates the survey offer javascript which can then be further modified by your digital team.

​The Javascript in turn calls the CentraCX web survey, presenting the survey questions as a popup, overlay or new window within the users browser.

Full control over the visual presentation and branding of both the survey offer and the survey questions ensures consistency with the look and feel of the corporate website.

Webchat & Virtual Assistant

Customer interactions with Virtual Assistants, chatbots and live agents can readily incorporate post interaction surveys.

At the conclusion of the interaction a special formulated URL is sent to the client browser. The URL is directed to CentraCX VOC an incorporates the unique identifiers and context metadata for the interaction.​

The survey is completed by the customer within their browser.​

Alternatively, the CentraCX Presentation API can be utilised to create an interactive survey dialogue within the existing chat window.


CentraCX Presentation API enables complete developer control over the presentation of surveys as well facilitating surveys within native mobile applications.​

The CentraCX Presentation API is RESTful and is enabled through the CentraCX Trigger API. Once initiated the Presentation API allows the interactive exchange of questions and answers with branching determined by the survey flow.