Voice of the Customer
CRM Platforms


With Centra CX VOC for CRM Platforms you can add seamlessly integrated post-interaction and episodic surveys to your existing business process.

  • Automatically trigger, Email or SMS Surveys
  • Decide which survey to trigger based on customer or CRM data
  • Associate surveys with agents, teams, business units and division for performance management.
  • Associate surveys with products, customer segments, values and unlimited set of meta-data for detailed analysis

CentraCX VOC for CRM Platforms provides flexible integration options that makes it easy for IT and seamless for customer operations.


Centra CX VOC for CRM Platforms builds on your existing CRM investment by incorporating customer feedback in to your CRM’s 360 Degree view of the customer.

Centra CX VOC post interaction surveys are triggered from within your CRM by the execution of an automation script connected to a specific event such as the completion of an interaction, episode or journey. The script utilises the CentraCX REST Trigger API to provide details of the trigerring interaction and specify the particular survey and channel to be used.

As surveys are completed CentraCX can call APIs within your CRM to provide the collected customer data to be stored attached to the customer, interaction or any other relevant CRM object. This maintains a single repository for your customer data and allows customer feedback to be used in customer analytics.