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Centra CX VOC for Amazon Connect works by adding a Contact Flow to your existing Amazon Connect instance. This flow is invoked through a Quick Connect in your standard Connect softphone at the end of each customer call.

As the flow executes it reaches out to Centra CX VOC to determine the survey questions that you would like asked. You can ask quantitative questions using any kind of metric scale. You can also ask qualitative questions using voice recording to capture verbatim the reasons why a customer gave a particular score. Every question incorporates your branding and is asked using your own audio recordings or a text to speech voice.

The answers to the questions are securely stored in an Amazon Aurora database and in S3 buckets inside your OWN Amazon instance.

As soon as it becomes available, a customer’s spoken response is fed into Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Comprehend. This provides speech-to-text transcription and deeper understanding of the sentiment and drivers behind a customer’s perspective about your business.

Centra CX VOC for Amazon Connect brings the advanced capabilities of Amazon’s contact centre, machine learning and natural language recognition products to customer feedback management, accelerating the practical outcomes from your VOC platform programme and making the most of your Amazon investment.

Because of its native integration with Amazon Connect, Centra CX VOC for Amazon Connect is available in every region globally where Amazon Connect is available.


Centra CX VOC for Amazon Connect leverages your existing Amazon Connect and Amazon Web Services investment.

Collecting customer feedback with Centra CX VOC couldn’t be easier. The simple to use survey builder allows you to create comprehensive questionnaires using any combination of metrics and scales. You can incorporate branching based on numeric responses to allow you to dive into detail or ask open follow up questions.Once you’ve built your survey you can chose which channels you would like your survey rendered on. You can select from one or more of Post Call IVR, email, webchat, SMS, online or APIs.

Centra CX VOC post call surveys are delivered from within Amazon Connect and advanced Amazon services such as Transcription and Comprehend are used to analyse the results.

As customers complete surveys and provide feedback Centra CX VOC display relevant real-time dashboards that are entirely customisable and can display any of the metrics that are collected. Each user’s dashboard is entirely unique to them, showing important performance metrics aggregated for themselves, their team or their business unit.

Stakeholders from frontline staff through to supervisors, managers and even external clients can access the dashboards and monitor performance in real-time.

All customer data is maintained securely within private databases inside your AWS instance.

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