Voice of the Customer
Amazon Connect


With Centra CX VOC for Amazon Connect you can add native post-call IVR surveys to your Amazon Connect powered contact centre as well as collect customer feedback from email, web-chat, SMS and online chanels.

Centra CX VOC for Amazon Connect brings the advanced capabilities of Amazon’s contact centre, machine learning and natural language recognition products to customer feedback management, accelerating the practical outcomes from your VOC platform programme and making the most of your Amazon investment.

Because of its native integration with Amazon Connect, Centra CX VOC for Amazon Connect is available in every region globally where Amazon Connect is available.


Centra CX VOC for Amazon Connect leverages your existing Amazon Connect and Amazon Web Services investment.

Centra CX VOC post call surveys are delivered from within Amazon Connect and advanced Amazon services such as Transcription and Comprehend are used to analyse there results.​

All customer data is maintained securely within private databases inside your AWS instance.

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