Tribal Analytics

What is Tribal Analytics?

Tribal Analytics is a technology enabled process, unique to CentraCX VOC, that puts customer opinion at the centre of decision making.

​Creating a closed loop feedback system at the individual, team, product and whole of business levels, Tribal Analytics delivers an end to end process for driving real change across all areas of business.​

Going beyond simply identifying ‘Actionable Insights’ Tribal Analytics delivers a framework to support a comprehensive continual improvement program.

Realtime Feedback

As customer feedback is collected it is analysed through Machine Learning and combined with the associated contextual information. Rules are then applied to determine which employees should be alerted to the feedback.

Frontline Perspective

The employees that are alerted to customer feedback provide their perspectives. Utilising the context of the interaction, they identify personal improvement opportunities, as well as broader change opportunities.

They translate customer language and context to internal language, using the names of specific systems, process, products and teams.

Broad Reach

As employees add comments and #tags to customer feedback, Tribal Analytics reviews the activities, and determines which additional individuals need to be alerted.​

Bringing in stakeholders from through out the business, enables individuals with limited direct customer visibility, to understand how their systems, process and products can be improved.

Employee Engagement

As products, processes and systems improve to address customer feedback, the loop is closed by ensuring that frontline staff and stakeholders are aware of changes.

Tribal Analytics drives employee engagement by giving frontline employees a voice through out the business.

Frontline Improvement

Delivering the most relevant customer feedback to frontline staff in near realtime is essential to employee engagement.

​Creating engagement between frontline team members and their managers, provides the opportunity for meaningful individual reflection and improvement.