Survey Participation Key to Enhancing Customer Experience

The customer experience (CX) is critical in today’s market. As the 2019 KPMG Global Customer Experience Excellence report shows, successful companies tailor the CX to meet specific customer needs:

  • Personalisation drives loyalty in 18 out of 20 global markets.
  • New players solve life problems rather than just selling products.
  • Top companies anticipate customer needs ahead of the curve.

Yet organisations can only redefine CX delivery if they know their customers inside-out. How do you solve customer problems when you don’t understand what they want and the barriers that stop them getting it?

Higher engagement, better CX

When you know exactly what your customers think, you can solve their problems and improve your customer offering in line with their expectations.

Statistically significant data from regular surveys gives you the confidence to make changes that keep customers coming back for more.

This creates a complete feedback loop. Customers will engage more strongly with your company and your surveys if you speak directly to their needs – and the more participation you get from customers, the more precisely you can improve the CX.

Survey Participation Key to Enhancing Customer Experience / CentraCX

Why every survey needs to count

Your customer survey program will only work if enough people complete them. Many organisations battle to achieve more than 1% participation, while rates of at least 15% are desirable for most businesses.

Simply put, you need a high enough response rate to know that the insights and metrics you gather are truly representative of your customer base.

Survey participation rates vary according to industry, customer’s brand perception, demographics and – most importantly – the way surveys are designed and offered to customers.

How to boost survey participation rates

To gain genuine customer buy-in, your CX surveys should be:

  • Short and sharp. A long survey can lead to fatigue and customers may not respond next time.
  • The sooner a customer is asked to participate in a survey after an interaction, the more engaged they are and the fresher their opinion.
  • Easy for the customer to use. The less effort required, the more likely it is the customer will engage.
  • Conveniently delivered on the channel of choice – email, voice, text, instant message or mobile app. Picking the right channel for the customer is key to driving participation.
  • Relevant and personalised to individual customers and their experience.

The CentraCX Voice of the Customer (VOC) platform offers multi-channel, personalised surveys that allow you to collect, analyse and action targeted customer feedback to improve your CX.

We’d love to tell you more about VOC power and how it can work for you. Start the conversation today!

Or for more information on participation rates, download our eBookHow To Lift Your Customer Survey Participation Rates.

Survey Participation Key to Enhancing Customer Experience / CentraCX