Case Studies

CentraCX VOC at MYOB

Alex Hnarakis, Head of Premium Support and Service Optimisation at MYOB talks about the partnership with Centra CX. Alex discusses how Centra CX VOC is used, the integration with MYOB systems and how Centra CX VOC supports MYOB to continually improve products, people and processes.

Learn about Tribal Analytics​

Learn how Tribal Analytics helps organisations to drive continual and employee engagement by putting customer feedback at the centre of business decision making.​

CentraCX at MCCA Islamic Finance & Investments

Adam El Zanaty, Business Development Manager at MCCA talks about how CentraCX Voice of the Customer has brought their business, customers, employees and community together. Adam talks about how CentraCX drives customer satisfaction, supports product improvement and lifts employee engagement.


How To Lift Your Customer Survey Participation Rates

The majority of commercial and government organisations struggle to achieve meaningful survey participation rates. Many battle to achieve more than 1%, while others are stuck at less than 10%.

Meaningful participation rates are critical to every survey program.

In this whitepaper we uncover some tips for best practice.

Driving Membership Experience

For many member based organisations, infrequent contact with their members can make it a challenge to gain an understanding of member priorities and experiences. 

This whitepaper presents best practices on utilising member feedback to drive alignment of member organisations with member needs. 

The Big Challenge

Implementing an effective Voice of the Customer (VoC) Program takes careful consideration and a strategic framework before you start asking your customers for their opinion (good or bad).

It’s important to map out a clearly defined process.

Here, Centra CX identifies ‘step by step’ the key benchmarks for implementing a successful VoC program (and how you can put it to good use).

To Ask or Not To Ask?

Whilst some organisations are surveying their customers well, many are still doing it poorly, with increasingly frustrated customers and poor ROI.​

Centra CX looks at the Do’s and Dont’s of gathering customer feedback and how you can put it to good use.

Customer Journey Management

In a hyper-competitive, customer-centric market, how do organisations become the very best travel companions for their customers on their journeys?

Uber is a brand that gets it consistently right and our thought piece looks at their CX model.

Keep Your Customers Close

The Art of Asking for Customer Feedback and what to do with it once you have it.​

How your organisation can implement a Voice of the Customer (VoC) program or take your existing programme to the next level, taking into consideration the challenges the real estate industry currently faces.