Put Customer Feedback at the Centre of Decision Making with Tribal Analytics and VOC

Tribal Analytics is a technology enabled process that puts Voice of the Customer (VOC) at the centre of an organisation’s decision making. Combining human and Artificial Intelligence it creates a closed loop feedback system at the individual, team, product and whole-of-business levels. Tribal Analytics delivers an end-to-end process for driving real continual improvement and change across all areas of business.

Frontline feedback that can improve all business areas

Delivering relevent customer feedback to frontline staff in real time drives employee engagement. It provides an opportunity for meaningful individual reflection and improvement.

Jointly reviewing customer feedback and self reflection enables genuine engagement between your frontline team members and their managers; making coaching effective and driving improvement.

Put Customer Feedback at the Centre of Decision Making with Tribal Analytics and VOC / CentraCX

Combining real time feedback from customers and employees

As customer feedback is collected by CentraCX, Tribal Analytics’ machine learning rapidly analyses it and combines it with the relevant contextual information. Machine Learning then determines which employees should receive the feedback.

The employees who receive the customer feedback add their comments and identify personal improvement opportunities as well as broader change opportunities for the business.

Your frontline staff are uniquely positioned to interpret the customer feedback in ways that are relevant to the business. Tribal Analytics supports their insights by allowing them to add internally understood language and the names of specific systems, process, products and teams.

Automatic alerts to the relevant stakeholders across the business

As employees add comments and #tags to customer feedback, Tribal Analytics’ machine learning reviews the activities, and alerts any additional stakeholders that need to be informed. By including stakeholders from throughout the business, even those individuals with limited direct customer contact can understand how their systems, processes and products can be improved.

Closed loops and engaged employees

Tribal Analytics drives employee engagement by giving frontline employees a voice that’s heard and acted on throughout the business. Then as products, processes and systems are improved, Tribal Analytics closes the loop by alerting frontline staff and stakeholders of the changes.

Tribal Analytics is a powerful tool that magnifies the opportunities customer feedback brings to businesses and organisations. To find out more about Tribal Analytics and CentraCX take a look here.

Put Customer Feedback at the Centre of Decision Making with Tribal Analytics and VOC / CentraCX