Process & Product Improvement

Continual Improvement is the lifeblood of business in today’s fast paced environment. With CentraCX VOC your business can innovate like never before.

Drawing on the combined wisdom of your customers, frontline employees and management you can drive innovation at an extraordinary rate. CentraCX VOC provides a platform for all stages of continual improvement.

  • Identify
  • Plan
  • Execute
  • Review


Customer feedback is critical to identifying and prioritising improvement opportunities, however, often it is difficult to turn customer opinion in to actionable insight.

CentraCX VOC addresses this fundamental challenge with two highly sophisticated mechanisms:

Customer Context is incorporated in to every survey with flexible meta-data describing both the customer and the specific interaction or episode parameters.

CentraCX Tribal Analytics builds on the customer context by utilising machine learning and the wisdom of your frontline employees to translate customer language in to internal language.


Customer feedback is essential when considering and planning improvements. With CentraCX VOC customers commonly attaining participation rates in excess of 30%, you can be sure that your prioritisation decisions are based on statistically significant data.

​Research consistently shows that frontline employee opinion and customer opinion are closely correlated. CentraCX VOC Tribal Analytics brings employee feedback in to the planning stage, by bridging the gap between frontline employees, and management .


CentraCX VOC goes beyond identifying actionable insights and assists business to drive change. Tribal Analytics ensures that frontline staff are engaged as part of operational changes and understand the underlying need for the change.

With a loud voice within the organisation, frontline staff can achieve the empowerment, that only comes with the influence over decisions that directly affect their work environment.


Reviewing and analysing change results is crucial to continual improvement. CentraCX VOC enables detailed analytical review tied to your change improvements:

Capture pre-change baselines and compare them against the impact of your change.​

Engage in A/B testing to determine the optimum change and evaluate customer feedback tied to each approach.

Incorporate full customer, interaction, process and product meta-data to analyse the variants that are impacting your improvements.