Moving Your Contact Centre to the Cloud? Time for A VOC Platform

Six Reasons to Integrate A VOC Platform When Moving Your Contact Centre to the Cloud

2020 has leveraged the advantages of cloud-based technology to new heights as businesses successfully shifted to remote-working almost overnight. Facing this disruption head-on and adapting to the changes has led to a number of businesses moving from on-premise to cloud-based platforms.  For many organisations, cloud first has become an organisational directive and whilst contact centre technology has taken its time in this regard, it is finally catching up.

If you’re moving your contact centre to the cloud, it’s the perfect opportunity to integrate voice of the customer (VOC) too. By putting a VOC platform in place at the same time as transitioning to the cloud, you can measure the impact you have on your customers.

Here are six other reasons why you should integrate a VOC platform when moving your contact centre to the cloud.

Manage and Measure your Cloud Migration

The limitations of many premise-based contact centres meant that VOC solutions were difficult and expensive to integrate in the past. As businesses transfer to the cloud and these legacy issues are removed, you can implement seamless VOC experiences that deliver valuable customer information to your business. The richness and flexibility of APIs in most cloud-based contact centre technology support this.

While some cloud technology changes are relatively transparent to the customer, others deliver new functionality and capabilities that change their experiences. This can be received positively or negatively, or even as a combination of both in different areas. Having a way to measure the value of these changes is crucial. From the moment of implementation throughout the entire transition, you can collect real time data on what customers think of the upgrades and how they affect their experiences.

New Interaction Channels means new feedback channels

Moving to the cloud brings with it the opportunity to add further interaction channels such as chat, email, and mobile apps. By making VOC available on each interaction channel as they are added, you gain an understanding of how you are performing in all areas.

By applying a sophisticated VOC platform like CentraCX, you can seamlessly collect, understand, and most importantly, action the customer feedback relating to your new technology. This provides profound and ongoing insights for your business processes, product development, and customer loyalty.

Use Your VOC Platform to Make Informed Decisions

CentraCX VOC can integrate seamlessly with your cloud-based contact centre platform. It can trigger interactive voice response (IVR) surveys post-call, as well as collect customer feedback from email, web chat, SMS, or any of your other online channels. This provides you with multiple options to collect invaluable feedback.

  • Set up automatic triggers for post-interaction IVR, email, webchat or SMS surveys
  • Set up surveys that can be triggered by the customer or by specific data
  • Set up associate surveys with agents, teams, business units, and divisions

Track the impact of your decisions and how they affect customer and employee engagement, gaining the necessary insights required by management to back up business cases for further investment. Where you are falling short of customers’ expectations, you can make the necessary decisions to alter your processes in alignment with customer needs.

Enhance Business Agility

Cloud-based contact centres have surpassed premise-based systems as the default choice. There are many reasons for this, but one of the most important is the flexible APIs that many cloud-based platforms provide. Almost by definition, cloud contact centres have network connectivity to other cloud technologies enabling a vast array of capabilities through the API economy.

Combining cloud contact centre technology and VOC enhances business agility. It enables fast execution together with rapid and specific customer feedback. This is the basis for swift and continual improvement that helps businesses evolve to meet their customers’ needs. 

Post-COVID Business

When COVID-19 caused dramatic changes in work environments, many contact centres were forced to move over to cloud technologies very quickly. Now that the urgency has passed and we have settled back into established work routines, it’s important to introduce the next round of critical tech like VOC. This will help businesses establish how the changes have impacted their customers, and how they can improve these systems that were hurriedly put in place.

Moving Your Contact Centre to the Cloud? Time for A VOC Platform / CentraCX

Change Management and Stakeholder Engagement

During periods of significant change, such as migrating your call centre technology to the cloud, stakeholder engagement is the number one element for success. Where contact centre technology is concerned, the key stakeholders are frontline employees and customers. VOC provides a way to actively engage with employees and customers and empower them in the process.

Moving Your Contact Centre to the Cloud? Time for A VOC Platform / CentraCX

Customers are empowered through the ability to provide feedback about the changes and when responded to by the business know that their voice has been heard.  For employees managing through a change process empowerment comes from the ability to combine their opinion with genuine customer feedback to present a compelling view of the change to management.  This unique process of utilising Machine Learning to combine customer and employee opinion is powered by CentraCX Tribal Analytics.

Integrating sophisticated VOC capabilities to your cloud-based contact centre platform can be one of the most cost-efficient ways to transform your business. Not only will it give you the opportunity to listen to, learn from, and action your customers’ needs, but it will provide opportunities for internal engagement too.

Find out how CentraCX VOC can support your cloud-based contact centre. Learn more about VOC capabilities here.