Employee Engagement

Research consistently shows that employee engagement is a key factor in business success. An engaged workforce is one where we each employee has committed themselves to a clear purpose and has been empowered with the ability to influence their work environment to help them achieve those goals.

​CentraCX VOC is an effective tool to help you engage your employees with the ability to:​

  • Empower
  • Coach Employees
  • Recognise great performance

CentraCX VOC helps your employees achieve their goals on a daily basis by positively engaging them with Customer Feedback we call this Tribal Analytics.


Tribal Analytics is a sophisticated platform that brings together human and artificial intelligence to solve customer problems.

By engaging frontline staff in collecting, understanding and actioning customer feedback employees are given the ability to meaningfully impact their work environments.

Providing employees with a voice that reaches outside of frontline teams in to the business as a whole drives empowerment as well assisting the business to improve products and processes.


Recognition is most effective when it comes from those we care about. For frontline team members the most important people are the customers they assist and the team members they work with.

With CentraCX VOC positive customer feedback is recognised and acknowledged individually, by team leaders, within the team and even through out the business.

Utilising customer feedback as key element of gamification provides awards and recognition that employee can be proud of.


Receiving customer feedback in real-time provides frontline team members with an opportunity to reflect.

Through Tribal Analytics and structured coaching sessions

CentraCX VOC provides the tools that enables team members to collaborate with. their managers to review and learn from both the positive and negative feedback.