Drive Action

CentraCX VOC utilises customer feedback to drive action at three distinct levels:

Complaint Management

Turning customers at risk of leaving or entering the complaints management process into promoters, by rectifying their specific service issues.

Employee Improvement

Using customer feedback to support change and improvement, by the frontline team members that support your customers.

Organisational Improvement

Identifying specific process and product issues that drive negative customer sentiment. Using customer feedback to assess the degree of impact, and supporting resolution prioritisation.

Employee Improvement Performance Management & Coaching

CentraCX VOC drives individual improvement by engaging frontline team members in self reflection and review. The Tribal Analytics process delivers customer feedback to frontline team members in real time, allowing them to contextualise the customer feedback, and reflect on their individual improvement opportunities.

​Team Leaders coach their team members by gathering feedback examples, charts and commentary, in notebooks shared with their team members. Providing a place for regular collaboration, space for regular coaching the team members, and team leaders reflections are captured for use in regular performance management process.

Employee Improvement Gamification

Turn customer feedback in to performance enhancing competition through gamification. Award badges and rewards on the basis of team members meeting performance hurdles. Share recognition, both with team members individually, and with their teams.

Motivate improvement competition between individuals, teams and business units with comparison charts at all levels of the business.

Employee Improvement Best Practice

Team Leaders gather charts, customer feedback and Tribal Analytics commentary in notebooks that are shared with individuals or their teams. Exemplifying what ‘good looks like’ or demonstrating common pitfalls.

Share customer feedback and Tribal Analytics commentary in real time, responding to events and disruptions that affect the operation of the frontline teams.

Complaint Management Workflow & Escalation

CentraCX Tribal Analytics delivers a Machine Learning based workflow engine, that ensures relevant customer complaints are escalated to appropriate teams and management.

As customer complete surveys and feedback is received, Tribal Analytics analyses the feedback together with the contextual meta-data. Frontline team member perspectives are sought to further contextualise the feedback. At each stage, machine learning analyses the data and appropriate rules are triggered.

​When action with the customer or internal teams is required, flexible integration with CRM and line of business systems, creates tasks or activities in the CRM that distribute the actions.

Organisational Improvement Initiative Prioritisation

CentraCX VOC enables identification and prioritisation of process and product issues that affect the customer experience.​

Every element of customer feedback is associated with customer, product or process context. Identifying the common customer issues associated with a particular context such as a product not only provides actionable insights but creates a clear business value for the resolution of the underlying problem.

​Associating customer experience impacts with specific improvement opportunities, is a critical step in prioritising initiatives, and successfully finding the funding to resolve them.

Organisational Improvement Collaboration

Organisational improvement regularly requires individuals and teams from across the business to collaborate. CentraCX Tribal Analytics enables cross functional collaboration.

Everyone, from Frontline Team Members to Product Managers, can see the customer feedback that is relevant to them and comment on it.

​As improvements are made and customer impacting issues are resolved all stakeholders are aware of the steps the business has taken to help customers.