Collecting Feedback

Collecting customer feedback with every interaction is an essential part of customer service. Today’s customer’s expect organisations to be responsive, and the inability to leave feedback is conspicuous by its absence.

​CentraCX VOC provides the opportunity to collect CX metrics such as NPS, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Effort and Team Member Quality, on every channel that your business uses to interact with its customers.​

The CentraCX VOC platform, supports a mature and comprehensive methodology, that results in many CentraCX customers achieving survey participation rates in excess of 30% of their interactions.


Creating your own custom metrics is simple, and CentraCX VOC includes over 50 preconfigured measures and metrics, including Net Promoter Score, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Effort, Agent Quality and First Call Resolution.

Unstructured Feedback

CentraCX VOC allows you to collect unstructured or qualitative data, such as the specific reason that customer gave your business a particular score.

On digital channels such as Web, Email, SMS and Messaging this can take the form of free text. On the Voice channel, this is in the form of recorded audio, that is then transcribed by machine learning.

One Survey, Every Channel

Creating surveys with CentraCX VOC couldn’t be easier. Business users can create even complex surveys, with dynamically branching and conditional flows, without IT involvement.

Once the survey is built, you select the channels on which it will be rendered.

Maintaining the same metrics across channels makes comparison easy, as customers use multiple channels to communicate with your business.

Voice & IVR

CentraCX VOC makes IVR post call surveys easy. At the conclusion of a call with your contact centre agent, the customer is automatically transferred to an IVR survey. With integrations for common Contact Centre platforms as well as ‘zero integration’ options your business can start collecting customer surveys within hours.​

Voice Surveys are fully brand able and all voice prompts are be replaced with your corporate voice talent.

SMS & Messaging

SMS & Messaging surveys commonly result in the second highest participation rates after voice surveys. CentraCX SMS surveys are two way interactive dialogues that do not require the customer to leave the messaging app.

SMS surveys are triggered using CentraCX Trigger API or the batch file upload making integration in to your existing systems and processes is seamless and easy.


Beautifully branded emails inviting your customers to participate in a short survey are a breeze with CentraCX VOC.

Utilising CentraCX VOC to send email surveys on your business behalf can triggered using CentraCX Trigger API or batch file upload. Alternatively, you can include Survey URLs in the signature block, of both standard emails, and those sent by marketing automation systems. Either way, integration in to your existing systems and processes, is seamless and simple.


Adding web based surveys to your public or authenticated web pages couldn’t be easier with CentraCX VOC. Simply add the example Javascript to create a time based pop-up or modify the trigger code to meet your business’s specific requirements. Either way, you can create beautiful surveys that apply your full branding including CSS and images.

Mobile Apps

Utilising CentraCX VOC surveys embedded within custom applications is quick and easy. With a straightforward RESTful API you can trigger any type of survey and control the presentation and branding directly.​

With full meta-data and customer context capabilities, API surveys are perfect for embedding in mobile applications, kiosks and other customer interfaces.

Webchat & Chatbot

Concluding human or bot based chat sessions with a CentraCX VOC survey is simple. Either pop the the CentraCX VOC survey URL at the conclusion of the chat, or utilise the CentraCX Survey API to present the survey within your existing chat session. Either way, all the customer and interaction context that you need associated with the survey will be retained, ensuring a 360 degree view of your customers.