VOC Platforms Give Employees a Voice Too

VOC Platforms Give Employees a Voice Too

Frontline staff are exposed to customers in every kind of mood – happy, frustrated or just plain angry. As such, staff are often get blamed for every business failing, whether it’s their fault or not.

Many organisations worry that feedback from VOC platforms will have a negative impact on these frontline workers. They fear employees will become disengaged, or feel their performance is being unfairly scrutinised.

Yet VOC feedback is the employee’s best friend. Implementing the right VOC platform can give frontline employees a genuine voice within the organisation.

The motivating force of positive feedback

Structuring your survey questions correctly means you can differentiate feedback about your frontline employees from feedback about your products and services, processes and brand.

Across our customers around 98% of customer feedback comes back overwhelmingly positive about the frontline team member, boosting employee confidence and engagement.

Everyone loves being told they are doing a great job, so why hide this powerful source of motivation?

VOC Platforms Give Employees a Voice Too / CentraCX

Negative feedback promotes real change

The remaining 2% of feedback contains valuable pointers to help frontline employees and their managers identify opportunities for improved employee performance.

Whilst in some cases this feedback can be confronting, when you give employees a chance to respond to this negative feedback, it defuses any tension. Tribal Analytics enables your employees to enter into meaningful discussion with their managers on specific customer feedback. This gives employees an opportunity to voice their opinion about the interaction or situation in question – and know it is being heard.

Feedback amplifies the employee voice on the wider business

Customer feedback is, essentially, the ‘source of truth’ in every organisation. It’s the true marker of the success or failure of your product or services in the marketplace.

It is also the catalyst for employees to express their real grievances and concerns. After all, customers and frontline employees are often dissatisfied about the same things – product issues, cumbersome processes and website glitches to name just a few.

Tribal Analytics enables frontline teams to leverage customer feedback with non-customer facing parts of the organisation. This exposes the issues underlying customer feedback and enables the business costs to be quantified. It also means frontline staff get the support they need to do their job more productively – and managers can provide solutions for the entrenched problems that come to light.

When you actively engage frontline employees with customer feedback you build recognition of the need for change. As the change is introduced the frontline teams champion the improvements knowing that they are critical for customers and themselves.

Explore how CentraCX Tribal Analytics can help you collect, understand and action customer feedback to support your employees and boost business growth.

VOC Platforms Give Employees a Voice Too / CentraCX

Survey Participation Key to Enhancing Customer Experience

Survey Participation Key to Enhancing Customer Experience

The customer experience (CX) is critical in today’s market. As the 2019 KPMG Global Customer Experience Excellence report shows, successful companies tailor the CX to meet specific customer needs:

  • Personalisation drives loyalty in 18 out of 20 global markets.
  • New players solve life problems rather than just selling products.
  • Top companies anticipate customer needs ahead of the curve.

Yet organisations can only redefine CX delivery if they know their customers inside-out. How do you solve customer problems when you don’t understand what they want and the barriers that stop them getting it?

Higher engagement, better CX

When you know exactly what your customers think, you can solve their problems and improve your customer offering in line with their expectations.

Statistically significant data from regular surveys gives you the confidence to make changes that keep customers coming back for more.

This creates a complete feedback loop. Customers will engage more strongly with your company and your surveys if you speak directly to their needs – and the more participation you get from customers, the more precisely you can improve the CX.

Survey Participation Key to Enhancing Customer Experience / CentraCX

Why every survey needs to count

Your customer survey program will only work if enough people complete them. Many organisations battle to achieve more than 1% participation, while rates of at least 15% are desirable for most businesses.

Simply put, you need a high enough response rate to know that the insights and metrics you gather are truly representative of your customer base.

Survey participation rates vary according to industry, customer’s brand perception, demographics and – most importantly – the way surveys are designed and offered to customers.

How to boost survey participation rates

To gain genuine customer buy-in, your CX surveys should be:

  • Short and sharp. A long survey can lead to fatigue and customers may not respond next time.
  • The sooner a customer is asked to participate in a survey after an interaction, the more engaged they are and the fresher their opinion.
  • Easy for the customer to use. The less effort required, the more likely it is the customer will engage.
  • Conveniently delivered on the channel of choice – email, voice, text, instant message or mobile app. Picking the right channel for the customer is key to driving participation.
  • Relevant and personalised to individual customers and their experience.

The CentraCX Voice of the Customer (VOC) platform offers multi-channel, personalised surveys that allow you to collect, analyse and action targeted customer feedback to improve your CX.

We’d love to tell you more about VOC power and how it can work for you. Start the conversation today!

Or for more information on participation rates, download our eBookHow To Lift Your Customer Survey Participation Rates.

Survey Participation Key to Enhancing Customer Experience / CentraCX

Drive Your Survey Participation Rate Over 30% – Here’s How

Drive Your Survey Participation Rate Over 30% – Here’s How

The purpose of a customer experience survey is multi-faceted. At its core, it is an incredible tool that allows businesses to improve their products and processes, manage complaints and engage employees. Once you have created your survey and delivered it to customers on the appropriate channel, the main hurdle is getting people to participate. Many businesses struggle to get their survey participation rate over 10%, but it is entirely achievable. Here are three tips to help you.

Make Your Customers Feel Appreciated

The customer that feels valued is one who is more likely to be loyal to your brand and will invest in your business by providing feedback. Engaging your customers by asking for their opinion is already an indication that you value their relationship with you; however, often the feedback request feels automated and impersonal. Using personalization and direct communication, you can make each customer feel valued.  

When using email send your feedback request from a specific person rather than a group or department. If the customer interacted with a specific person then it’s best to have the feedback request come from that person.

Use language that implies that their personal input is valuable to a specific individual as well as the business. For example:

  • Your opinion will help me and my team improve
  • We want to know what you think
  • Your opinion matters to me and the management at business name

Ensure that the request references the specific reason that the customer was in contact with you in the first place and include details of that original interaction. Don’t include too much unnecessary detail such as extensive product or order details as this removes the personal element from the request.

Making your customer feel as though they are being personally approached, will work well to increase your survey participation rate.

Drive Your Survey Participation Rate Over 30% - Here's How / CentraCX

Keep Your Survey Short And To The Point

Show that you respect your customers’ time and keep your surveys short and direct. Letting them know how long it will take to complete also removes a barrier to entry. Research has shown that people are more likely to respond to a survey if they know upfront how long it will take them. In our experience, less than 2 minutes is optimal for higher survey participation rates.

Some examples of how to approach this include:

  • Please can we have 2 minutes of your time?
  • We want to hear from you – 2 minutes is all it will take
  • Can you spare a couple of minutes to help us improve?

Offer Customer Incentives

You will find that some customers are happy to complete your surveys simply to ensure that you work towards providing a better service for them. Others need an additional nudge. Offering incentives is a great way to improve your survey participation rates and gather relevant, insightful feedback at the same time. Incentives don’t need to be financial and some examples of incentives you might want to try include:

  • Early or exclusive access to products
  • Recognition through membership of an exclusive customer tier
  • Exclusive news or information
  • Entry into a lucky draw for a prize

You want to strike a balance between people who complete a survey simply to add value and those who are completing it for the reward. Generally speaking, feedback provided without an incentive will be more detailed and of higher quality.

Driving higher survey participation rates also comes down to your consistency and effort in letting your customers know that you’re always considering them and their needs.

For a complete guide on participation rates and how to improve them, download our e-book: How To Lift Your Customer Survey Participation Rates.

Moving Your Contact Centre to the Cloud? Time for A VOC Platform

Moving Your Contact Centre to the Cloud? Time for A VOC Platform

Six Reasons to Integrate A VOC Platform When Moving Your Contact Centre to the Cloud

2020 has leveraged the advantages of cloud-based technology to new heights as businesses successfully shifted to remote-working almost overnight. Facing this disruption head-on and adapting to the changes has led to a number of businesses moving from on-premise to cloud-based platforms.  For many organisations, cloud first has become an organisational directive and whilst contact centre technology has taken its time in this regard, it is finally catching up.

If you’re moving your contact centre to the cloud, it’s the perfect opportunity to integrate voice of the customer (VOC) too. By putting a VOC platform in place at the same time as transitioning to the cloud, you can measure the impact you have on your customers.

Here are six other reasons why you should integrate a VOC platform when moving your contact centre to the cloud.

Manage and Measure your Cloud Migration

The limitations of many premise-based contact centres meant that VOC solutions were difficult and expensive to integrate in the past. As businesses transfer to the cloud and these legacy issues are removed, you can implement seamless VOC experiences that deliver valuable customer information to your business. The richness and flexibility of APIs in most cloud-based contact centre technology support this.

While some cloud technology changes are relatively transparent to the customer, others deliver new functionality and capabilities that change their experiences. This can be received positively or negatively, or even as a combination of both in different areas. Having a way to measure the value of these changes is crucial. From the moment of implementation throughout the entire transition, you can collect real time data on what customers think of the upgrades and how they affect their experiences.

New Interaction Channels means new feedback channels

Moving to the cloud brings with it the opportunity to add further interaction channels such as chat, email, and mobile apps. By making VOC available on each interaction channel as they are added, you gain an understanding of how you are performing in all areas.

By applying a sophisticated VOC platform like CentraCX, you can seamlessly collect, understand, and most importantly, action the customer feedback relating to your new technology. This provides profound and ongoing insights for your business processes, product development, and customer loyalty.

Use Your VOC Platform to Make Informed Decisions

CentraCX VOC can integrate seamlessly with your cloud-based contact centre platform. It can trigger interactive voice response (IVR) surveys post-call, as well as collect customer feedback from email, web chat, SMS, or any of your other online channels. This provides you with multiple options to collect invaluable feedback.

  • Set up automatic triggers for post-interaction IVR, email, webchat or SMS surveys
  • Set up surveys that can be triggered by the customer or by specific data
  • Set up associate surveys with agents, teams, business units, and divisions

Track the impact of your decisions and how they affect customer and employee engagement, gaining the necessary insights required by management to back up business cases for further investment. Where you are falling short of customers’ expectations, you can make the necessary decisions to alter your processes in alignment with customer needs.

Enhance Business Agility

Cloud-based contact centres have surpassed premise-based systems as the default choice. There are many reasons for this, but one of the most important is the flexible APIs that many cloud-based platforms provide. Almost by definition, cloud contact centres have network connectivity to other cloud technologies enabling a vast array of capabilities through the API economy.

Combining cloud contact centre technology and VOC enhances business agility. It enables fast execution together with rapid and specific customer feedback. This is the basis for swift and continual improvement that helps businesses evolve to meet their customers’ needs. 

Post-COVID Business

When COVID-19 caused dramatic changes in work environments, many contact centres were forced to move over to cloud technologies very quickly. Now that the urgency has passed and we have settled back into established work routines, it’s important to introduce the next round of critical tech like VOC. This will help businesses establish how the changes have impacted their customers, and how they can improve these systems that were hurriedly put in place.

Moving Your Contact Centre to the Cloud? Time for A VOC Platform / CentraCX

Change Management and Stakeholder Engagement

During periods of significant change, such as migrating your call centre technology to the cloud, stakeholder engagement is the number one element for success. Where contact centre technology is concerned, the key stakeholders are frontline employees and customers. VOC provides a way to actively engage with employees and customers and empower them in the process.

Moving Your Contact Centre to the Cloud? Time for A VOC Platform / CentraCX

Customers are empowered through the ability to provide feedback about the changes and when responded to by the business know that their voice has been heard.  For employees managing through a change process empowerment comes from the ability to combine their opinion with genuine customer feedback to present a compelling view of the change to management.  This unique process of utilising Machine Learning to combine customer and employee opinion is powered by CentraCX Tribal Analytics.

Integrating sophisticated VOC capabilities to your cloud-based contact centre platform can be one of the most cost-efficient ways to transform your business. Not only will it give you the opportunity to listen to, learn from, and action your customers’ needs, but it will provide opportunities for internal engagement too.

Find out how CentraCX VOC can support your cloud-based contact centre. Learn more about VOC capabilities here.

Put Customer Feedback at the Centre of Decision Making with Tribal Analytics and VOC

Put Customer Feedback at the Centre of Decision Making with Tribal Analytics and VOC

Tribal Analytics is a technology enabled process that puts Voice of the Customer (VOC) at the centre of an organisation’s decision making. Combining human and Artificial Intelligence it creates a closed loop feedback system at the individual, team, product and whole-of-business levels. Tribal Analytics delivers an end-to-end process for driving real continual improvement and change across all areas of business.

Frontline feedback that can improve all business areas

Delivering relevent customer feedback to frontline staff in real time drives employee engagement. It provides an opportunity for meaningful individual reflection and improvement.

Jointly reviewing customer feedback and self reflection enables genuine engagement between your frontline team members and their managers; making coaching effective and driving improvement.

Put Customer Feedback at the Centre of Decision Making with Tribal Analytics and VOC / CentraCX

Combining real time feedback from customers and employees

As customer feedback is collected by CentraCX, Tribal Analytics’ machine learning rapidly analyses it and combines it with the relevant contextual information. Machine Learning then determines which employees should receive the feedback.

The employees who receive the customer feedback add their comments and identify personal improvement opportunities as well as broader change opportunities for the business.

Your frontline staff are uniquely positioned to interpret the customer feedback in ways that are relevant to the business. Tribal Analytics supports their insights by allowing them to add internally understood language and the names of specific systems, process, products and teams.

Automatic alerts to the relevant stakeholders across the business

As employees add comments and #tags to customer feedback, Tribal Analytics’ machine learning reviews the activities, and alerts any additional stakeholders that need to be informed. By including stakeholders from throughout the business, even those individuals with limited direct customer contact can understand how their systems, processes and products can be improved.

Closed loops and engaged employees

Tribal Analytics drives employee engagement by giving frontline employees a voice that’s heard and acted on throughout the business. Then as products, processes and systems are improved, Tribal Analytics closes the loop by alerting frontline staff and stakeholders of the changes.

Tribal Analytics is a powerful tool that magnifies the opportunities customer feedback brings to businesses and organisations. To find out more about Tribal Analytics and CentraCX take a look here.

Put Customer Feedback at the Centre of Decision Making with Tribal Analytics and VOC / CentraCX

CentraCX for Amazon Connect

CentraCX for Amazon Connect

CentraCX VOC in now available for Amazon Connect. Collect customer feedback post interaction with IVR, Email, SMS or Webchat surveys.

Centra CX VOC for Amazon Connect brings the advanced capabilities of Amazon’s contact centre, machine learning and natural language recognition products to customer feedback management, accelerating the practical outcomes from your VOC platform programme and making the most of your Amazon investment.