Customer Experience management has undergone a massive change. With customer perspectives widely published on the internet and social channels, the age of the customer has arrived.​

For business, the measures surrounding Customer Experience are now just as important as financial and operational metrics. From ops teams, to board level measures, such as NPS, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Effort and Team Member Quality are reported on regularly.

CentraCX VOC makes business reporting of meaningful CX metrics simple and hassle free.


All surveys in CentraCX VOC are tied to users, teams, business units and divisions in the flexible n-tier hierarchy.

​The hierarchy ensures that those with appropriate permissions are able to view all the survey data that relevant to them.

​Users at each level of the hierarchy are presented with aggregated data that is rolled up to their levels.


CentraCX VOC dashboards are specific to each user displaying the metrics that are most relevant to them.

With over 50 different preconfigured CX metrics and the ability to easily create entirely new ones, dashboards show at a glance what customers think of your business are seconds away.​

Every frontline team member gets their own dashboard and you can choose if they see only their results or the results of their team as well.


Creating easy to understand but informative charts is essential to communicate performance trends and directions effectively.

CentraCX VOC supports data visualisations that allow businesses to view performance over time. Enriched with customer and interaction context, charts are filtered to show the performance of the product, service, process or any contextual information included with the survey.

Drill down through the hierarchy to compare performance between individuals, teams, business units and divisions.